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The Universal Wisdom website is a tribute to our most respected Gurudev Shri Ojaswi Sharma and his teaching. Spiritual seekers from different countries are helping to put together the recordings of Gurudevís discourses that were made over many years at various places in India and Europe.

Transcripts were made of some of his discourses in English and these were then translated into other languages. This work is still in progress. Gurudev himself has never been interested in publishing any of his talks or in publicity of any kind. However, his seekers feel the need to preserve his wisdom for themselves and others.

The contents of the Universal Wisdom website have been prepared with the purpose of sharing the audios and their transcripts with the spiritual seekers who cannot come personally or do not have an easy access to this material. Many questions that arise concerning the spiritual path are common to all seekers. For this reason Gurudev's talks on these topics may be an inspiration to many people.

Since the discourses were never intended to exist in a written form and were only meant to be heard by audiences that were present at the time of the actual discourse, the texts should be viewed as transcripts of the spoken word rather then literary works.

Editors and translators have tried to follow faithfully the original meaning of Gurudevís talks. If there are any misinterpretations in the transcripts or translations, these simply reflect on our lack of understanding of what he actually said.