"Diyo yo na prachodayat" – Let our mind be illuminedSatsang - literal meaning from Sanskrit sat meaning Truth, sanga meaning company. It is an Indian spiritual tradition which means (1) the company of the Highest Truth, (2) the company of an Enlightened person and (3) company with an assembly of seekers who listen to and talk about the Truth. 

Satsang with Gurudev Shri O. Sharma typically involves meditation, chanting, a short discourse, reading and reflecting on scriptures and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life. During the Satsang seekers are free to ask questions. Satsangs are open to all sincere seekers of the Truth.

“Binu Satsang vivek na hoi; Ram kripa bina sulabh na soi.”
There is no wisdom without Satsang and no Satsang without His grace.

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