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Desires_short quotes
(6 pages)
Read this collection of quotes Desires – Bhagavad Gita III.36-41
6/2/97, 4/1/99, 8/2/03, 8/2/06 (6 pages)
Read this longer extract Bhagavad Gita on desires
8/2/03 (13:40 min)
Listen to this 19302k MP3 Desires and Destiny
8/2/11 (03:30 min)
View this 9529k video
The role of consciousness in eradication of desire
19/2/07 (14:55 min)
Listen to this 20988k MP3
The senses are turbulent by nature
7/2/03 (11:40 min)
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To get everything means not to want anything
17/2/03 (03:50 min)
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