The editors of these pages have taken extracts from Gurudev´s Satsangs and assembled them under the particular topic. Newly edited material is constantly being added. Full Satsangs can be found on the Satsang page.

Faith and Devotion (Bhaktiyoga)

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Faith and Devotion (Bhaktiyoga)_short quotes
(7 pages)
Read this collection of quotes God’s grace and self-effort 17/2/04
(2 pages)
Read this longer extract God’s grace and self-effort
17/2/04 (08:20 min)
Listen to this 11655k MP3 Faith and Knowledge, Bhagavad Gita IX.4 & 5 11/2/2008 (12:50 min) View this 40529k video
The path of love and faith
23/2/04 (12:05 min)
Listen to this 16982k MP3
The long and short path
10/2/04 (04:50 min)
Listen to this 6847k MP3
The importance of belief
14/2/03 (09:40 min)
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“I am equally present in all beings”
21/2/03 (14:40 min)
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17/2/04 (04:10 min)
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The easy and speedy path
4/7/09 (06:05 min)
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