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Truth (Jnanayoga)

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Truth (Jnanayoga)_short quotes
(7 pages)
Read this collection of quotes The imperishable truth, Bhagavad Gita II.16,17
5/2/03 (2 pages)
Read this longer extract The imperishable truth, Bhagavad Gita II.16,17
5/2/03 (13:30 min)
Listen to this 18945k MP3 Purpose of the human body is to experience the permanent Truth 9/2/2008 (4:20 min) View this 13373k video
The Field and the Knower of the field
21/2/05 (10:30 min)
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From the forever changing to the eternal
23/2/05 (15:00 min)
Listen to this 21105k MP3
From untruth to truth
14/2/04 (04:10 min)
Listen to this 5799k MP3
The spirit and the soul
7/2/07 (15:00 min)
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The direct path towards the truth
20/2/07 (10:10 min)
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Knowledge and ignorance
22/2/03 (11:20 min)
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Pure knowledge
6/1/09 (07:40 min)
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