The editors of these pages have taken extracts from Gurudevīs Satsangs and assembled them under the particular topic. Newly edited material is constantly being added. Full Satsangs can be found on the Satsang page.

Spiritual practice

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Spiritual practice_short quotes
(7 pages)
Read this collection of quotes Leading a correct worldly life
17/2/03 (2 pages)
Read this longer extract Leading a correct worldly life
17/2/03 (13:30 min)
Listen to this 18907k MP3 Service and inner detachment, Bhagavad Gita II.59
7/2/06 (06:40 min)
View this 20322k video
The inner conflict of a seeker
4/2/04 (08:30 min)
Listen to this 11996k MP3 The importance of service
13/02/06 (05:00 min)
Spiritual transformation needs time and energy
12/2/08 (03:50 min)
Listen to this 5409k MP3 Try to lead a sincere life 4/2/2008 (10:15 min)
The swings on the spiritual path
17/7/09 (08:45 min)
Listen to this 12547k MP3
A yardstick for spiritual progress
9/2/07 (06:20 min)
Listen to this 8979k MP3
Situations come for our growth
18/11/09 (11:00 min)
Listen to this 15530k MP3 The effects of spiritual energy
18/02/06 (04:25 min)
View this 13763k video
Desire for Enlightenment in this very life
16/2/04 (14:10 min)
Listen to this 19854k MP3 Self-realisation is not difficult 12/2/2008 (6:00 min)
The process of un-doing
20/2/04 (12:20 min)
Listen to this 17411k MP3
The steps on the spiritual yourney
26/10/09 (10:50 min)
Listen to this 15263k MP3
The process of uncovering our real Self
13/10/09 (12:55 min)
Listen to this 18174k MP3
The benefits of Anuloma-Viloma pranayama
18/2/10 (05:45 min)
Listen to this 8067k MP3 Importance of being on time 14/2/2008 (7:45 min)