The editors of these pages have taken extracts from Gurudevīs Satsangs and assembled them under the particular topic. Newly edited material is constantly being added. Full Satsangs can be found on the Satsang page.

Questions and Answers

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(8 pages)
Read this collection of quotes Anger and duty
13/2/03 (2 pages)
Read this longer extract Anger and duty
13/2/03 (14:30 min)
Listen to this 20395k MP3 Fear of death / Helping others / Attachments
8/2/11 (06:25 min)
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Illness and destiny
5/2/10 (06:30 min)
Listen to this 9085k MP3 The relationship of the soul and the body after death 12/2/2008 (4:05 min)
A desire for good health
15/2/03 (09:40 min)
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Attitude towards dishonest people
6/2/07 (08:00 min)
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