The editors of these pages have taken extracts from Gurudevīs Satsangs and assembled them under the particular topic. Newly edited material is constantly being added. Full Satsangs can be found on the Satsang page.

Spiritual Master and Seeker

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Spiritual Master and Seeker_short quotes
(8 pages)
Read this collection of quotes Guru and God
14/2/06 (2 pages)
Read this longer extract Guru and God
14/2/06 (11:00 min)
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14/2/06 (10:45 min)
The relationship between Guru and seeker
22/2/07 (13:20 min)
Listen to this 18694k MP3 Spiritual Master and Seeker
11/2/06 (03:20 min)
View this 10225k video
Question of attachment for the Guru
17/2/03 (12:50 min)
Listen to this 18010k MP3 Spiritual Master and Seeker
15/2/06 (04:30 min)